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Sivapriya U


Dento Bristo - Experiencing rhythm through contrast

The main goal of the project (toothbrush headquarters) is to design interior space using materiality. The characteristics expressions of the object (toothbrush) such as rhythm, contrast, and movement, had been taken as a major inspiration for enhancing the design which apparently well suited for the existing site structure. But in contrast to the existing site’s material which is in raw form and mostly made from heavy materials, I decided to make this place with visual lightness using lightweight materials and colors to create a cheerful ambiance for co-workers. This headquarters plays a major role in creating the atmosphere for designing the most advanced toothbrushes in an eco-friendly manner. It will be the hub for other offices in the surrounding area to provide enough sharing space thereby enhancing the communication for manufacturing and distribution units.

Report Content

Beyond the obvious

Materiality matrix

Change in perception

Expression through single material

Concept and design development

Floor plans and sections

Interior elevations

Exploded view and detail


Interior views