Aashna Yogin Chheda



Begining from materiality with a variation in scale from micro to macro, breaking down and sensitizing to how the materiality of an object is realised. Amplifying and collating the observed idea of "Parts to Whole", for a headquarters of a wristwatch company. Ideating the concept of materiality and focusing on the connections of Frames and Planes that make the space, creating a visual language. Projecting the idea of visual lightness, created through the varying thicknesses of one material to itself and the greater whole, allows one to realise an ascending order of transparency.

Report Content

Beyond the obvious

Materiality matrices

Change of perception- through multiple materials

Change of perception- through single material

Ideation and Program development

Interior Drawings

Interior Drawings

Interior Drawings

Exploded Isometric + Furniture details

Experiential Perspective