Deeksha Somaiya


Material as Generators of Design

Material is no longer a passive agent which receives the form rather it can be an active generator of form. With an wide array of materials available to a designer, design decisions in terms of orientation , scale or dimensionality can become parameters of form generation. For the headquarters of a ball manufacturing unit, integrating the process of weaving to different forms of materials led to inception of different expressions according to programmatic and experiential requirements. Fluidity is achieved in terms of repeating elements throughout the space ,Transparency dictated by manipulating the dimensionality and Duality by different making of material. 

Report Content

Roadmap to decode materiality of objects

Matrix to understand design decisions of materiality in interiors

Replacing one materials with multiple to achieve similar experience

Replacing a sinle material to achieve similar experience

Program Brief and Materiality concept

Design Concept and Plan

Design Concept in Section

Detail of Spaces


Isometric View