Rhea Joseph Chirayath


Part to Whole

 “The Process of production of a material gives character to the material and the method of its application in a given space determines the expression of the space.” This interior space has been designed keeping materiality at the core of it. The expression of the space as a whole is brought out in parts by the material which has been challenged and explored in terms of character and intangible expressions. The same expression in the space can be retained with the use of different materials with different techniques and applications. The project tries to challenge the material used by reducing it to its most optimized state through specific production techniques and thus brings out its true character. 

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Understanding Materiality of object

Materiality & Expressions of a Space

Change of material, change of perception?

Change of material, change of perception?

Concept of Materiality Headquarter design

Headquarter design Interior Drawings - Plan and Sections

Headquarter design Interior Drawings - Sections and Details

Headquarter design Interior Drawings - Details

Headquarter design Views

Headquarter design Views