Aakanksha Nitin Batra


The Fixed and the Flexible

Translating materiality into the layout, elements & scale of a space, by working with a bottom-up approach was the main aim. The headquarters for an oral company where spaces appear to be arranged in a fixed grid of aluminum framework but are made fluid with flexible elements to create ambiguity. Changes in materiality help to achieve this sense of flexibility. Partitions made from glass are used to carve out zones which are then easily switched up when the functionality demands it. This idea of fixed modules with flexible parts is further continued in the furniture elements for customized usage.

Report Content

Materiality and expressions of the object

Design matrix for analysis of materiality and expressions of spaces

Replacing single material with multiple materials to achieve similar expressions

Replacing multiple materials with single material to achieve similar expressions

Concept of materiality for the Headquarters

Spatial organization and floorplan

section and design views

design views

sectional perspective and details

material specifications and exploded isometric