Gupta Deepshikha Ankush


Shoe Rack with a Seating

The objective of the project was to redesign a piece of furniture by studying the existing small spaces of our houses and seeking the opportunity areas. Hence, a multipurpose shoe rack with a seating and a footrest was designed to incorporate the missing features in a shoe cabinet and resolve the problem of seating or storage.

Report Content

The initial study of childhood and current residence with activity mapping for finding opportunity areas.

Deconstructing the selected piece of iconic furniture and studying its details.

1:5 scaled model of iconic furniture in actual material and some explorations.

User analysis and Ergonomics study related to the designing of shoe rack.

The initial redesign process of form explorations through handmade sketches.

The technical drawings for the redesigned piece of furniture(Orthographic).

The blow up of details in the redesigned furniture showing various junctions and joineries.

The Final 3d rendered model for The redesigned product with the other iterations explored initially in 3d.

Making of 1:5 scaled model in actual material and the process of making the metal frame.

The process of making 1:1 Prototype for the main structural steel frame in M.S. pipe.