Madgundi Nameeta Shankar


Design for Manufacturing

This studio was based on concept of mass manufacturing and learning  products in terms on manufacturing and its details. 3 projects were done to understanding the planar, linear and bulk properties of an product. Various manufacturing processes ,techniques were explored and created our products according to industry standards with PDS, PRIMA, Drawings, materials.

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Learnings from Semester 2

Learnings from Semester 3

Door handle - Design to Manufacturing: Planar and Linear elements

TOSO - Design to Manufacturing: Bulk and Linear elements

Live Wall- Design to Manufacturing: Planar, Linear and Bulk elements. PDS and Product renders

Live Wall- Assembly Drawing, BOM, Exploded view, Component Renders

Live Wall- Manufacturing Drawings with details, Assembly Process, Machine Identification

Live Wall- Process Planning , BOQ and Material Estimation