Shirley Elizabeth Mathew


From Form to Manufacturing

This studio aimed at understanding different concepts in manufacturing of a product right from forms of materials, their manufacturing process upto the factory layout for a mass produced building product.

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Exploratory understanding and identification of planar and linear forms through designing a door handle and their manufacturing as a single unit vs for mass manufacturing.

Planar in combination with bulk form as a product looked at design considerations for injection moulding, the limitations with certain designs.

Pure Bulk building product of a price range of 450-500 gave insights on aesthetics and finishes for an injection moulded building product. Study and iterations on various means of joining parts without the requirement of fasteners ( snap fit, screwing, ultrasonic welding) and ways to reduce parts.

A group study on a space and the respective building products further helped one analyse the form and manufacturing as a whole system right from the user to the manufacturer through drawings, specifications and identifying materials and processes.

A product with all three Planar, Linear and Bulk elements from a former semester was taken up to understand how to mass manufacture it, with necessary design changes right from Manufacturing drawings to factory layout.

Overall assembly drawing with component nomenclature for ease in identification and assembly.

Visual identification of components through renders.

Production process led to identifying machines with respect to component spec and spatial requirements to aid in factory layout and operational flow.

Description of component assembly from each operation.

Bill of quantity as an overview of material requirement and cost for one unit vs 6000 units.

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