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Shobha Alias Pallavi Mahesh Malkarnekar


Manufacturing _door handle/door stop/ shower panel

The semester focused on understanding the manufacturing process involved in design. The 3 major projects undertaken during the semester included prototyping building products made from linear and planar materials(door handle) and bulk(door stop)materials. The final project- sensory shower included making assembly drawings, manufacturing drawings, understanding materials and large scale manufacturing of the unit and machines required for production

Report Content

Linear-Planar exercise _Door Handle

Bulk exercise_ Door stop

Sensory Shower _Assembly

Sensory Shower _mfg dwg-01

Sensory Shower _mfg dwg-02

Sensory Shower _mfg dwg-03

Sensory Shower _BOM

Sensory Shower _Installation

Sensory Shower _Machinery