Palak Agrawal


Migration from Design to Manufacturing

This semester was focused on how to take a product from design stage to manufacturing while considering make-ability and feasibility of the product. The exercises helped in identifying various building products in the category of linear, planar (Drawer Handle) and bulk (Voronoi Source) materials and design for the same. The third exercise(MediDome) was to understand mass manufacturing of a product and all the requirements for the same i.e. creating assembly and component drawings, PDS, BOM and BOQ, Process Planning etc. 

Report Content

Overview and learning outcomes of previous 3 semesters

Linear & Planar Exercise_ Drawer Handle

Bulk Exercise_Voronoi Source

Space Study and Building Product Identification_Recreation Domain

MediDome_Product Design Specification

MediDome_Assembly & BOM

MediDome_On Site Installation Guide

MediDome_Component Drawings

MediDome_Process Planning & Machines