William George Kennedy


System Development Methodology/ Migration.

The semester was about the manufacturing process involved in the design. We were assigned  3 major projects undertaken during the semester which included prototyping of building products made from linear and planar materials(handle) and bulk(Pendant light)materials. The final on car camping tents included making assembly drawings, component renders, manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, material estimation and costing. Also, Understanding materials and large scale manufacturing of the unit and machines required for production was also looked into. Process planning for the product is also proposed.

Report Content

Squat Toilet Design

Folk Camp Tents

Handle and Pendant Light

Folk Camp Tents - PDS

Folk Camp Tents - Assembly Drawing

Folk Camp Tents - Component Renders

Folk Camp Tents - Manufacturing Drawings

Folk Camp Tents - BOQ, Material estimation & Costing

Folk Camp Tents - Process Planning

Folk Camp Tents - Product Renders