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Pragya Sharma


Ahmedabad Livelihood Training and Developmnt Project

The ALDDP project of this semester concentrates on the livelihood parameters in slum areas of Ahmedabad.  Study area is taken as Gulbai Tekra slum that is situated in Navrangpura ward of Ahmedabad city. The project talks about the root cause analysis and bottleneck issues in various government schemes like NULM  running into the city .It talks about the grassroot problems related to SHG registration and social indulgence of people in schemes  by the govt .The project in later stages after analyzation is done caters to  possible proposals by PPP means towards SHG strengthening and institutionalization of taskforce at AMC zones.

Report Content

Introduction of Ahmedabad city

Issues at a glance related to livelihood opportunities in slum

Photo essay of Gulbai Tekra slum

Questionnaire analysis of survey conducted in Gulbai Tekra slum

Missions and Policies in place

Proposals at a glance related to people, place and process

Mobilization proposal

Pension scheme proposal

PPP model for pension scheme

ALTDP model and its components