Kaviya Shree K R



Chennai is one of the rapidly urbanizing metropolitan cities, with various areas of development and improvement. Urban facilities were observed, analyzed, and surveyed, one such essential area to be looked at and managed was the street vendors across the city. Street vendors, residents, corporation officials, and other stakeholders were interviewed and surveyed, activities and infrastructure facilities were mapped. Various issues, schemes, and policies were analyzed on both the ULB and the street vendor level and were benchmarked with the cities in the country. Thus, proposals concerning major issues of registration, tracking of vendors, and provision of basic infrastructures were proposed.

Report Content

City Profile - Chennai City

Ward 36 - Overview and Profile

Ward 36 - "People, Place, Process"

Study Area - Street Vendor Management

Issues - Vendors and Residents

Proposal - Ward Vending Committee

Proposal - User Interface for Mobile Application - Street Vendors

Proposal - User Interface for Mobile Application - Street Vendors

IEC - Street Vendors and Ward Vending Committee

Proposals at a glance