Sahajramani Archita Dinesh


Complaint Redressal System of Vadodara

The city that was chosen for the study here is Vadodara. The study started by understanding various municipal services. After observing the current scenario of various services and conducting a citizen survey, it was noticed that people despite being well-aware about the system weren't well- aware about whom to raise their concerns to. Hence, the system of complaint redressal was studied in detail to identify the issues to minimize the gap between the involved stakeholders. Thereafter, proposals to improve citizen charter, better ways of recording, monitoring, informing, and analyzing were framed along with suggesting the implementation of an awareness program.

Report Content

Divisional map of the city with demographics.

Citizen survey.

Existing scenario of the citizen charter.

Process flowchart of toll-free number.

Process flowchart of website and application.

Process flowchart of SMS, Whatsapp and Social Media.

Existing scenario of data availability and analysis.

Proposal to improve the citizen charter.

Proposal on how to improve recording, informing and monitoring of complaints.

Proposal to integrate GIS with complaint redressal system to facilitate analysis.