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Swethachandran R C


Reclamation of Treated Unused Water From STP, Putlur

The Urban management project this semester concentrated on the revamping and reclaiming the treated unused from the Sewage treatment plant in Thiruvallur Municipality in Tamil Nadu. The sewage treatment plant which was started from 2014 is treating 5 MLD per day and approximately 1.2 MLD per day of treated water is left in the open ground of near by residential areas and to the catchment area near by. The treated unused water when left to the catchment gets contaminated and causes major issues in the municipality such as ground water contamination, mosquito breeding leading to dengue. 

Report Content

The Thiruvallur district is located northen part of Tamil nadu. The Thiruvallur municipal town in Thiruvallur district serves as an head quarters to the whole district.

The Municipal town is well connected to Chennai, due to its connectivity there is a large influx of population from the villages in past 10 years.

The existing scenario of the under ground drainage network and the sewage treatment plant

The existing scenario of the surroundings near STP.

Root cause analysis of the problems

The impacts due to the treated unused water in the municipality

The out line of the action plan proposed

The short term plan for the treated unused water

The water being catered to the peri - urban areas for agriculture

The outline of the long term plan