Tackling the issue of Squatter Settlements

Like other Indian cities, Kanpur is marked with a series of squatter settlements. People relentlessly create dwellings on streets and reside there indefinitely. Though these settlements are marked with inadequacy of public amenities and insanitary conditions, we cannot overlook the fact that these issues come up with the existence of such settlements in the first place. This forms the basis of the project. The idea is to "abate the socio-spatial inequality caused by the squatter settlements through targeted interventions". The project explores how we can tackle the issue of such settlements primarily through access to housing and community development.

Report Content

Kanpur- City Profile and Demographics

Organizational Structure of Municipal Corporation

Transfer of functions under 12th Schedule of 74th CAA to Urban Local Body (through State Act and ground reality)

Service Level Benchmarks

Ward 43, Ashok Nagar- Existing Land Use

Data obtained from Primary Survey

Vision Statement

Plan of Action- Framework for Development

Proposed mechanism of Management Information System

Proposed mechanism of Community Development