Akshita Yadav


Wastewater management - Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital city of M.P. was chosen for the study. While the city has advanced in several areas, it still needs attention and substantial changes in many other areas. Some of these areas were identified using citizen surveys and observations. Major problems were noted in the wastewater and drainage systems. The serious challenges found were diseases, foul smell, canine nuisance, water bodies pollution and resident security. The reasons for this were analyzed and some proposals were developed after a literature study, case study and best practice study. These proposals aimed to provide an atmosphere that is clean, green, and lean.  

Report Content

City Profile

Ward Profile

Pilot Survey

Issue prioritization based on the survey and observations.

Study of city framework as per the identified problem. Understanding of the current scenario of the city.

Major effects posed by the issue identified. Establishing the major causes of the effects.

Various case studies and literature studies done based on risk zones and phasing plan.

The proposals and reasons for those proposals as per hierarchy.

Stakeholders involved in the given proposals and their roles and responsibilities.

Implementation plan and various policies involved in making it commissionable.