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Prachi Chirania


Improving Public Sanitation in World Heritage City

City Infrastructure Planning Studio (WASH) focused on learning different infrastructure facilities that make a city robust. This studio offered the opportunity to choose the walled city of Ahmedabad as our site, recognized as the world heritage city by UNESCO. Given that the context carries an international tag and observes a rise in the floating population, the substandard public sanitation services become a serious concern. The pilot project, therefore, aims at improving public sanitation in 2 parts. Part A focuses on proposing different toilet design models while part B focuses on integrating them to formulate a citywide sanitation map.

Report Content

Content and Studio Journey

Study Area and Existing Issues

Introduction to Pilot

Site Study and Analysis

Learnings from Case Study

Key Elements of Pilot

Pilot Project Details

Pilot Project Details

Site Analysis and Pilot Project Plan

Stakeholders, Costing and Conclusion