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Akshayveer Singh Rathore


Network SCADA implementation in Old city of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad old city has achieved first world heritage city tag in india and it requires attention towards its infrastructure services delivery management. The old city has forgotten its traditional water supply infrstructure and is prone to drought situation once in every three to four years. It has increasing floating population with its parallel water demand. This portfolio aims at detailing out the pilot project under city infrastructure plan for core city of Ahmedabad. It requires immediate attention towards it water supply management which is due to various issues and challenges like old and deteriorating pipelines, leakages, risk of water contamination and etc;

Report Content

Preface & Table of Content

Introduction to studio and study area

Key issues & challenges, CIP for water supply

Introduction to Pilot and its requirement in old city, Ahmedabad

What is SCADA & DMA?

Case studies and Situation assessment in AMC for SCADA

Selecting pilot site for network SCADA

Dariyapur DMA and its technical analysis

Scenario building for network SCADA implementation, Scope of water loss reduction & savings, Conclusion