Janhavi Singh


Septage Management For Manipur and Godhavi

The studio helped in understanding the different layer of Infrastructure and pointed toward understanding the preparation of coordinated and comprehensive infrastructure plan. Manipur and Godhavi are the urban peripheral village of AUDA where sanitation has been long neglected topic.The pilot project in the village, focused on a complete septage management system must include onsite sanitation technologies, septage collection and transport, a treatment plant, and resource recovery or disposal of the treatment end-products. Focusing on the treatment and reuse/disposal step of a septage complete service chain.

Report Content


Area Analysis

Existing Situation of Manipur & Godhavi

Septage Management- Introduction

Septage Management - Proposal

Septage Management - End Use

Faecal Sludge Traetment Plant- Site Selection

Septage Management- Costing

Septage Management- Conclusion