Roham Pinakin Patel


Tackling Parking and Garbage Conditions

Project begins with identifying heritage locations based on how neglected and less maintained it is. Sarkhej Roza was the one which was selected as it was on the West side of Ahmedabad, has water body and area of 35 acre which is huge. I and my collogues explored the site and found some neglected and not maintained things like garbage disposal, broken pavements, less lighting, less leisure space, parking problem, unregulated vegetation etc. Each student focused on  specific problems and worked on proposals tackling above problems. In my case I tried to tackle the garbage and parking problem in Sarkhej.

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Report Content

Heritage Locations

Surrounding of Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza Boundary

Sarkhej Roza Axo

Existing Garbage Condition

Proposed Garbage Condition

Arrangement of Garbage Bins

Existing Parking Condition

Proposed Parking Condition

Plan and 3D View