Sahana Desai


Accentuating Housing

The studio mainly aimed at creating housing for people living in Maan Darwaja, Surat while capturing the essence of their livelihood and requirements. Housing projects are mainly monotonous in nature where units are stacked together leaving a fixed amount of open space for each unit having limited interaction between one another. Thus this project aims at creating frequent open spaces catering to live and work environments adapted by the people living there as well as maintaining the experiential qualities of the neighborhood.Hence, accentuating housing.Click here to view the complete portfolio.

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Report Content

Case study. PREVI Housing, Understanding the basics of housing by analyzing one of Charles Correa's projects.

Understanding the site through site photographs and other documentations.

Deciphering And Analyzing Tangible and Intangible Aspects of the Settlement

Housing as Urban Insert: Exploring site Context and issues associated at the urban level- Conceptual site plan

Individual inferences. Prioritizing issues that need to be catered and qualities that are to be retained.

Process showcasing the formation of neighbourhood starting from the unit formation, leading to the cluster development, further bringing in the micro neighbourhood which leads to the site plan and the master plan.

Site plan, part plans and plans showing open v/s built as well as vehicular v/s pedestrian movement throughout the site.

Section AA' (Site section)

Section CC' (portraying the relationship between the proposed design and the neighbour's design)

Views portraying the formation of neighbourhood through open spaces and their interaction with the larger community spaces