G Geetanjali Reddy



The studio is set up in the background of the  present day Maan Darwaja in Surat. The project is to study the existing scenario of housing (aavaas), that shelters the migrant community residing here and suggest ways to improve their live-work environment through social interaction. Further, alternatives have also been proposed at the existing site to make it a more inclusive & dynamic society.Link to  documentary and  full portfolio. 

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Report Content

Case study: CIDCO Housing, Raj Rewal

Introduction to the Site: Maan Darwaja, Surat

Deciphering & Analyzing Tangible and Intangible Aspects of the Settlement : Interface & Activities

Tackling Urban insert issues: Retain, Redesign & Relocate


Unit: Linking & Stacking

Unit: Plan

Sectional Visualisation of Settlement

Model: 3D Visualisation of Site