Kanishka Wadehra


The Housing Project

The Housing Project in Maan Darwaja, Surat focuses on creating a habitat for migrant communities promoting a socially interactive live-work environment. The design proposal for the overall site tackled issues such as the sense of shared spaces and their hierarchy, proportion, and scale of open spaces, and their relationship with the immediately built structures. The strategy was to increase the number of public and semi-private open spaces while ensuring seamless horizontal and vertical circulation within clusters and pedestrian and vehicular movement on-site so as to increase community interaction.Link to analytical documentaryLink to full portfolio

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Report Content

Case study to understand the complex nature of housing: Alexandra Road Estate, London.

Introduction to site: Maan Darwaja, Surat, Gujarat.

Understanding the Public Realm, its elements, Public Institutions and Landmarks.

Tackling urban insert issues: What to Retain, Relocate and Redesign and incorporating analysis into Conceptual Master Plan.

Design proposal: Unit details, linking and stacking, circulation and movement in clusters.

Design proposal: Detailed site plan with pedestrian and vehicular movement details.

Enlarged part plan 1: Showing details on Ground Floor and First Floor levels.

Enlarged part plan 2: Details on Ground Floor and First Floor.

Site Sections: Detailing edge conditons and site response.

3D visualization of site and its activities.