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Akshan Bhide


CONNECTIVE Anchors | Integrating Institutes with City

City of Ahmedabad when expanded towards western side, anchors were actually large parcels of land which gave rise to institutional development. Thus contributing to western development of city. But today these institutions have become inert which remain as gated precincts with large unworkable blocks and small parcels of land not used through the day. These universities don’t interact with the community surrounding it. Thus there is a great opportunity to have universities be seen as as ‘connective anchors’ that can work with cities to bridge the neighbourhood.

Report Content

LAP Framework

Delineated Site Characteristics

The Big Idea

Urban Design Proposal

Rightsizing of Transit Corridor

Program Pockets for Active Exchange

Envisioned Character along Interface between Institutions and Neighbourhood

Envisioned Character along Pedestrian Connector cutting along Institutions

Implementation Strategy

Design Analysis