Devika Madhukar Patil


Life at Residential District.

LAP Proposal for Residential District focuses on connecting the Neighbourhood to the BRTS Corridor by Integrating Multimodal connectivity and enhancing existing community places during Transformation.Thus the goal is to develop a Compact and Diverse Residential Neighbourhood by anchoring the transformation to the existing community places while establishing a strong connection with BRTS Corridor.Transformation is envisioned based on two influential projects. These projects identified by tracing the trails of People commuting for various activities, called Neighbourhood trails of Walk to Market, Walk to the temple, Walk to school, Walk to Bus Stop, Walk to Riverfront, etc. These trails connect to the existing assets as well as the Transit system to give us two spines as Influential projects for Transformation.Transit Connector: Street having AMTS route, acting as a connector for Residential Neighbourhood to connect with BRTS Corridor and integrating AMTS and other modes of Transport.Neighbourhood Spine: A Neighbourhood spine integrates different community spaces, Neighbourhood open spaces, small retail spaces and cafes, ultimately opening up to the Riverfront.

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LAP Franework and Delineated Area of Residential District

Existing Site Characteristics

Strategies for Transformation

Goal for Transformation & Influential Projects

Transformation of Neighbourhood

Stages of Transformation: Case of Transit Connector

Project 1: Transit Connector

Character of Transit Connector

Project 2: Neighbourhood Spine

Character of Neighbourhood Spine