Shradha Gupta


A Goal Towards Walkability

Gordon Cullen through his writings explained that city planning is a visual art contained in the arrangement of buildings, roads, trees, nature and the urban environment that decorates the space, it is one way to recognise the physical form of a city. The Local Area Plan for Transit-Oriented Development for Metro corridor in Ahmedabad focuses on strengthening the street network and encourage walkability in the city. It will help in increasing the land under the public domain ensuring harmonious development by building smart infrastructure. These transit corridors further connect to the proposed Ashram Road CBD which helps in strengthening the commerce of the city and influence the development along these corridors. The studio exercise helped in understanding the process of formation of a Local Area Plan proposal where a strategic framework was prepared for the entire stretch in group and further individual design projects were identified for the delineated sites. It also involved the preparation of building regulations for the intended urban form.

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Explaing the characteristics of Drive-In Road

Overall LAP framework for Drive-In Road

Understanding Delineated SIte: Commerce Six Road

Overall Proposed Local Area Plan for Commerce Six Road

Design Intervention | SITE A : Transit Spill over space for Commerce Six Metro Station further connecting to AMTS & BRTS Stop

Overall Isometric for proposed transit area

Design Intervention | SITE B : Re- imagining Commerce Six Junction for better connectivity and smooth pedestrian movement and carving out neighbourhood plaza space for community interaction

Overall Isometric for proposed junction and plaza space

Built- form guidelines for Transit corridor

Transformation of complete precinct