Yash Siroliya



Urban areas are in continuous flux of development. Thus, to keep up with the urban pace, Cities need to continuously transform. Renewal and infill is a potential way to extract city resources such as vacant and underutilized land parcels in the city. The approach of urban transformation is a challenge and a solution to growing urban sprawl, it is a potential way to create walkable communities, facilitate residents with housing choice, safeguard open spaces, foreshorten infrastructure expenses, and revitalize old neighborhoods. 
The expected outcomes of the project is intended on identifying the untapped potential that the urban land currently offers and consider it as a way of retrofitting urban sprawl to limit the physical boundaries of the haphazard city growth with substandard urban services. And then carefully considering development as a self-cleaning mechanism to emerging concerns of housing, congestion, lack of public realm, infrastructure, and ecology. 
The intended project of integrating urban campuses is developed on an implied model towards urban retrofitting, promises to contribute to the solution of the problems associated with sprawling land-use patterns and institutional lands that exist as urban voids providing a passive edge to the city. Thus, reimagining urban campuses as city anchors could coordinate economic and social developments at local, regional and city level. Providing a potential to improve the Indian urban environment and transform cities for a better tomorrow.

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Conceptual Framework

Spatial Strategies

Conceptual Development Plan

Project 01 : Transit Interchange & Spillover

Intended Transformation along Transit Interchange , Plaza & Intersection

Envisioned Character along Transit Interchange and Spillover Plaza

Project 02 : Institutional Interface & Street

Intended Transformation along Institutional Interface and Neighbourhood

Envisioned Character along Interface between Institutions and Neighbourhood Street

Aerial View of the Re-imagined District