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Patil Snehal Atmaram


Retail as catalyst in bringing Urban Transformation

The Gurukul Road Envisioned plan identifies and analyzes the public realm, infrastructure, connectivity improvements, and future development. A top priority is to establish clear, achievable, and community-supported action items that can catalyze the continued transformation of Gurukul Road and Drive-in road over the coming years. The plan includes a series of four catalytic projects that will help bridge Gurukul districts; bring new street life, retail, and anchor developments; renew and expand green space; and add new cultural and community uses. At the same time, this plan also seeks to bind these exciting projects together and yield a richer retail experience. An urban design framework defines the urban form of the city through building, massing, density, and the scale of streets. The envisioned plan seeks to balance the growing needs of Gurukul Road Retail and Transit with the character and needs of the broader community. The envisioned plan considers the needs of each group, and plans for a future that is beneficial to all.

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Conceptual Framework



Conceptual Development Plan

Gurukul Road Design Development

Intended Transformation along Gurukul Road

Envisioned Character along Gurukul Road

Intended Transformation along Gurukul Metro Station

Section Along Gurukul Metro Station

Envisioned Character along Metro Station