Soumya Samarpita Swain


The Ochre Loop

Academic Institutions and Universities that constitute a major land pool in the city of Ahmedabad are always treated as neglected land parcels. These land pools pose a economic, and technological opportunities and have the potential to become places of socio-cultural exchange between the people of the city and institutions. Internationally a lot of relevance has been put recently by urbanists on the integration of Urban campuses and City. This neighborhood near Vijay Char Rasta is an apt case that seeks attention towards the way urban campuses is integrated with the public life in this vicinity. This neighborhood attracts a lot of student population due to the presence of institutions which creates demand for PGs and Hostel facilities, informal food joints, etc. A significant transformation is observed from residences to PGs and hostels for students and also a rise in informal vending activities along the commerce Six road junction and the other neighborhood streets. This project ‘The Ochre Loop’ envisions integrating the campuses with the public life in the neighborhood by establishing strong connectivity between the institutions, metro station, BRT station, AMTS stops, and places like PGs and hostels, parks, libraries, eateries, gym, etc. that are frequently visited by students. This will reduce the travel time for the trips within the neighborhood. Along with an active loop edges of the institutions would be developed to enhance the user experience, opportunistic formalization of vending activities. This would enhance the role of institutional land and its integration with public life in the neighborhood.

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Local Area Plan-Vijay Char Rasta

AMC Garden Interface

AMC Garden Interface-Views

Dada Saheb Na Pagla Interface

Dada Saheb Na Pagla Interface

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The Ochre Loop