Savaliya Rutvij Rameshchandra


Connecting People through TOD

           The studio helped in preparing a cumulative narrative of understanding all the key components of Local Area plan. The process helped in understanding the complexity involved in designing and execution of LAP’s. Different layers were understood and incorporated under the delineated area with key public realm projects. Initial phase of the studio gave us the glimpse of the areas around Paldi and Ambawadi. Different layers of Morphology were accounted to understand the tangible aspects of the site. LAP framework and objectives were analyzed by incorporating movement strategy, open space strategy and Built form strategy. 
          The delineated area helped in knowing the local level issue and various strategies were incorporated to achieve the desired built form. The project focuses on two public realm projects; Paldi MRT station and Paldi Junction. Paldi MRT plaza focused on larger context and its overall connectivity with the city, while junction acted as resolving more local level issues on one hand while a major junction for public transport on Netaji road. The design development of both the projects focused on prioritizing public transport with Netaji road acting as the spine for the delineated area. 
           Detail design will help in creating a sense of place, where place making around the site are highlighting the special characteristics of the community and create a unique identity. It highlights the key concept for better utilization of FSI, increase area under public realm, avoid overwhelming built forms, ensure eyes on street and promote proper use of public transit. The proposal will help in developing overall livability of the people around by improving the surrounding environment, making city much more efficient and compact.   

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Report Content

LAP Framework

Delineated area and its Connectivity with other public transport

Existing and Proposed Conditions around Paldi MRT Plaza

Isometric view of the Proposed Paldi MRT Plaza

Character image of Proposed Plaza

Existing and Proposed Conditions around Paldi Junction

Isometric view of the Proposed Paldi Junction

Character image of the Proposed Paldi Junction

Existing and proposed section of the Public Realm projects

Overall Transformation of the area