Akshat Chadha


From Railway to Greenway | Shreyas District

Studio will focus on the design aspects of urban transformations within the existing urban areas. The underlying context is that Indian cities are growing rapidly in terms of population and therefore expanding physically. Increasing urban population and the growing urban incomes will fuel demand for more and more built-floor space in cities accompanied by a demand for infrastructure. Many urban areas within these cities are dealing with unsustainable levels of stress on infrastructure, resources and public services and are becoming increasingly unlivable.

Huge potential to utilize this new vacant land under metro, adjoining the railway and through the LAP create a framework for a responsive built form that enables more people to live, work and play in Shreyas District. 

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Report Content

Paldi & Ambawadi Context

Paldi & Ambawadi Local Area Plan Framework

Design Intent and Development Strategies

Built Form Regulations

High-Intensity Transit-Oriented Neighbourhood

Public Realm Design - Under Space of the Metro Station

Public Realm Design - Under Space of the Metro Station

Space Below Metro Station

Urban Green Trail - Vending Plaza

Urban Green Trail - Space below metro corridor