Shloka Diplesh Sanghavi



Transit architecture too often is defined only in terms of efficiency and flow overlooking the other important attribute of this typology: public space. Stations, terminals, and hubs are a celebration of movement and pause, the coming together of people on the way to somewhere. This crafting of public space is not at odds with the engineering challenges of speed and flux; indeed it is complementary and necessary to the success of transit systems and the making of Greener cities. “ MOVEMENT AND PAUSE: TRANSIT BUILDINGS AS PUBLIC SPACE by Li Sau Kei An intermodal transit center can enhance the quality of life in the communities by offering multiple transportation modes and spurring economic development and infrastructure growth. The design of an intermodal center has to incorporate strategies for pedestrian safety, Vehicle Type separation, Traffic Control, etc. The 33-km long Dabhoi-Miyagam line, which has the distinction of being the first narrow-gauge section in the country since 1862 is being converted into a broad gauge. On this line lies Kayavarohan. Temple Town 30 Kms south of Vadodara. Kayavarohan is considered as the birthplace of Lakulisha, the 2nd Century C.E. Shaivite revivalist, reformer, and propounder of the pashupata doctrine. It is an ancient town believed to have existed through each of the Four Ages. Currently, the town is an important religious center and has a large number of regular visitors. In order to facilitate the residents and Visitors, the authorities plan to construct an Intermodal Transit Station that functions both as the Kayavarohan railway station on the Dabhoi-Miyagam railway line and a Bus station on the Baroda-Sinor route for the Gujarat State Transport Corporation. The studio aims to design an Intermodal transit center with a focus on the Users and the Passengers. In order to do so, the studio shall address the issues of concern to every user group such as the use of passive and active controls to Achieve Thermal Comfort, Acoustic Comfort, Visual Comfort, Accessibility, Safety, Ventilation, and Integration. Transit places must cater to the needs of their surroundings and reflect the identity of the community. The studio aims to design an Intermodal transit Centre for the Temple town of Kayavarohan that shall connect the entire regional transit system of the western railway and State bus service to the surrounding community of the Town. The studio aims to design and develop user-friendly elements for the Transit system that are well integrated with the adjacent land uses and developments.

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Adjacency Diagram

Concept Diagram

Ground Floor Plan

Roof Plan


Foot over bridge & Roof

Rendered view side elevation

Rendered view front elevation

Rendered view isometric view

Rendered view isometric view