Moksha Viral Shah


NIRDALIYA: A Transit Settlement

Project Nirdaliya focuses on bringing all the programmatic developments to come together as one in a cohesive manner. It helps in strengthening social ties and building together with the community members. As we know people's participation is very important during design development, here UNNATI-Gameboard has been designed which involves the community participation and helps to make the design more personalized. There have been planning and implementation strategies also designed to help in active participation of the people and a smooth process to develop the settlement. PORTFOLIO

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Report Content

Introduction to Site Ganeshnagar. About existing conditions and the new project.

Module 1- Co-Design: Implementation and Planning Strategies for the settlement.

NIRANKUSH: Cluster View and about the project.

NIRANKUSH: Supercluster Plan and Section

MODULE 2: Proposed Procedure

MODULE 2: Building Up with Community

UNNATI- Gameboard


NIRDALIYA: Cluster View and about the project

NIRDALIYA: Supercluster Plan