Samriddhi R Dugar


Nirdaliya : An Independent Transit Camp

Implementation and Planning part of project Nirdaliya focuses on bringing all the proposed programmatic developments together as one in a cohesive manner. The entire site (Ganeshnagar) is divided into clusters and superclusters each having various open spaces, green spaces, and a marketplace that facilitates community engagement. In response to our vision of providing the ability to community people to characterize, appropriate and personalize their spaces a game board ‘Unnati’ is designed which allows the members to design their own cluster. Alongside the development of settlement since the project is for people it is very important that the project serves the needs of the people of settlement and provide them a good living condition. Thus, various strategies are also laid out that help in the active participation of people.   Link to Detailed Portfolio

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Report Content

GaneshNagar - Existing Conditions

My Role

Vision of the project ; Existing Process of Resettlement

Proposed Procedure for Resettlement

Building with Community - Pre and Post Occupancy

Know your Rights; Rules for other Programmatic Developments

Unnati- Game Board

Registration Process; Instruction Manual and Cards

Super-Cluster Plan ( 8 clusters of 2 varying sizes - 30*45m and 45*45m)

Cluster View

Project Video