Srushti Kottai


Nirdaliya: Ekta Lari

In project Nirdaliya, Ekta lari as a mobile infrastructure aims to encourage people to be independent and not rely on outside sources for job, food, health and other essentials. It also looks into improving the quality of life for these people by providing them a platform to express their issues, voice their opinions and together as a community take steps towards better living.

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Report Content

Isometric view of the lari.

Clues from the site, Ganesh Nagar and the concept behind Ekta lari.

Ekta lari and its features that compliments the needs of the transit camp.

Different uses of the lari. Ekta lari not only plays a role in the newly built community, but also in the pre-occupancy stage.

Plan and sections of the lari.

The different components that form the lari. These components are to be used in multiple ways according to the need.

Module 2: Operational model and joinery mock ups

Module 2: Operational drawing of the base.

Module 2: Operational drawings of the shelving unit and the foldable table.

Module 3: A detailed step-by-step construction guide.

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