Rishabh Jain



The idea behind using the scaffolding system as the main framework for the elements because it is easy to construct and could be assembled by a lay man also. The system also provides an opportunity to the community to build in their own way, dismantle it or join several systems to construct a big one for large gatherings of the community. The three typologies which i have suggested are for seating (linear and horizontal) and mix of seating and play, that brings people of all age groups together. The canvas on the top provides a sense of enclosure and protection from the sun in the daytime. Full Portfolio

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Report Content

Site study, the project brief and vision

my role in each module, the existing conditions, and proposed design

Module 1: Design development, kit of parts, and catalogue

Proposed cluster plan, sections, isometric views

Module 2 Operational Drawings, elevations

Module 2 Operational drawing for the platform and the sections

Cuboid seating

Construction and Implementation Manual: side 1

Construction and Implementation Manual: Side 2

Proposed Module 1 design section