Shah Pooja Chirag


Project Aashraya

Transit Kit is the aspect of the larger project Nirdaliya that looks that the housing facilities for the people. The idea is to design the housing in such a way that comes with a kit of parts and is easy to assemble. The material used is scaffoldings due to which without any extreme and long construction process, the proposed design is built in just seven days. Incrementation of the housing is also a very easy process. Project Aashraya was envisioned with the core needs of the people in mind. It is designed in a way where the housing unit can easily be converted into a working unit and people, especially women and children and run a cottage industry from their own houses. The facades are built in such a way that it facilitates the same. Minimal design interventions like curtains are used to create distinction between the private and semi private space. Moreover, the residents are provided with s catalogue of minimal interior elements and information about the facades to have a clear idea of what the project really is.

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Report Content

My role in the studio and the existing site conditions along with description of the new project.

Catalogue of interior elements along with the transitional concept of housing.

Housing Typologies

Plans and Sections

Physical Model to understand spatiality

3D Model to understand joineries and important junctions

Construction Process-1

Construction Process-2

Handy Physical Models for the users of the construction manual

Project Video