Simran Khatter


Sashakt Lari

Mobile infrastructure is an important part of the urban setting and can greatly influence the way in which spaces are utilized. Sashakt Lari focuses on livelihood and encourages people to become financially independent. It makes for an excellent way to improve the quality of life, by making groceries easily available within the settlement and also acts as a refreshments stall. Apart from these, it also serves to socially uplift the community, by providing a means for people to socially interact and gather while it acts as a refreshments stall.

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Report Content

Site Context and About the Project

Exploded Isometric View and Lari in Context

Route and Pause Points of the lari in the settlement.

Operational model and Joinery Mock-ups

Operational Drawing : Base

Operational Drawing : Panel

Construction Manual: Gantt Chart and Bill of Quantities

Construction Manual

Construction Manual : Infill

Different Usages

Project Video