Vidhi Parmar


Post Covid Street Design

For the mapping stage, our group had the vendors on the SG Highway as our primary stakeholders. For the detailed design phase, I chose the Gurudwara Govindham junction for further engagement. The site has a presence of most of the kinds of vendors we had categorized in the group mapping. Due to the different kinds of uses in the adjoining buildings, the public space has flower vendors, vegetable vendors, food vendors and food trucks. It is also a major node of multiple paths. However, due to being constructed primarily as a city bypass for cars, the public space has become an unsafe intersection where a large volume of traffic flows without traffic calming strategies. The roads are unsafe to cross for pedestrians and laaris. But given the many different edge conditions, building uses and the connections between primary streets and secondary streets, there is a lot of potential to reclaim the public space and convert it into a space for all the users, not just the car owners.

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