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Nikita Sharma


Ahmedabad DP 2041: Aiming Global Importance by 2070

Ahmedabad is a city which is known for the diverse economy like trade, commerce, and industries. The regional influencers like Dholera, Mandal Bechraji, Kadi, Virangam, Chandgodar and the five growth centres significantly contribute in the growth of this city. New developments like DMIC, HSR and Motera stadium will make Ahmedabad globally recognized and therefore the vision of the DP 2041 is to treat Ahmedabad as a holistic destination with efficient connectivity, affordability and a globally preferred investment destination by 2070. This can be achieved through the combined concept of compact development (higher FSI), liberal zoning and controlled GDCR. 

Report Content

Exercise 1: Understanding Udaipur Master Plan (2011-2031)

Overview of Ahmedabad

Existing Situation Analysis

Key Takeaways

Boundary Delineation, Population Projection & Land Analysis

Vision, Principles and Network Proposal 2041

Proposed Zoning 2041

General Development Control Regulations 2041

Infrastructure and Special Project: Redevelopment of Pirana Landfill

Phasing, Costing & Key Learnings