Shubhi Chawla


Ahmedabad DP 2041: Thinking Global, Acting Local

The Development Plan Studio aimed at exploring planning mechanisms and tools for the city of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad happens to be the seventh largest metropolis in the country and planning efforts are constantly done for the city in terms of DP's and town planning schemes. The city spreads on both east and west of river sabarmati and has locational advantage in terms of local and regional connectivity. Taking learnings from the existing situation, the DP 2041 has been proposed to cater to the growing population and economy.

Report Content

Bhopal: Understanding a Development Plan

Ahmedabad: City Context

Observations and Opportunities

Development Potentiality and Population Projection

Conceptual Analysis

DP 2041: Road Network

DP 2041: Zoning

DP 2041: Regulations

Sectoral Proposals

Phasing & Costing of DP. Key Learnings