Manojna Polisetty


Aiming for a Sustainable and livable city

Statutory Development Plan is a powerful tool for planning an urban area, and facilitating its growth. Situated on the banks of Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing cities and the seventh largest metropolis of the country and the largest city of Gujarat. With the current development plan nearing its horizon year, a new development plan is in line. The aim of this new development plan is to make the city more sustainable, livable and equitable.

Report Content

Understanding the Development Plan

Observations and Opportunities

Analysing land for delineating the AUDA boundary

Concept, Vision and Road Network

Zoning and FSI

Development Regulations

Sectoral Proposals: Infrastructure

Sectoral Proposals: Environment

Sectoral Proposals: Environment

Resource Mobilization and Key Learnings