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Niharika Gupta


Compact Growth & Regional Integration-Ahmedabad DP 2041

The portfolio is an excerpt of an intensive Development Plan analysis, review and preparation for Ahmedabad 2041. A rigorous analysis of key growth parameters, identification of strengths issues and analysis and envisioning a long term plan for the region of Ahmedabad form the base of Development Plan 2041 preparation. 
The proposed DP guides for a compact growth, encourages market friendly development, and creates a seamless regional integration major upcoming projects like Sanand Industrial Estate, Mandal Becharji SIR, Dholera SIR and Gandhinagar GIFT City. 
Compact high intensity growth, creating and leveraging robust PT network, activating public realm, strengthening equity, affordability.

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Report Content

Overview - Understanding, Analyzing, Planning, Implementing

Allahabad - Slow growth, mismatch of Master Plan in reality

Ahmedabad - Liberal DP, enabling fast growth

Analyzing present and Envisioning future

Comprehensive region growth - road network for compact development

Liberal approach for zoning of high intensity zones and FSI

5 set DCR to regulated scale, form, environmental standards and integration with transit nodes (Heritage, Ecology, Transit)

Activating public realm along TOD streets with Land Value Capture Finance

Implementation, Phasing and Revenue generation increase through own sources

Pressing Debates and Key Learnings