Yash Kotgirwar


Contrast of East and West : Redefining Ahmedabad

A development Plan (DP) is the most vital & powerful tool for planning an urban area and facilitating its growth. The studio Development Plan aims at preparing DP of Ahmedabad for 2041 was made through 4 iterations. Ahmedabad, now the seventh-largest metropolis in India and the largest in the state of Gujarat. With the current development plan nearing its horizon year, a new development plan is in line. The DP 2041 visionize the city as "A livable, economically thriving city with robust social and physical infrastructure, Ahmedabad has a distinct identity as a globally preferred investment destination"

Report Content

Exercise 1:Understanding the DP through transect study : Bhopal

Ahmedabad at a glance : City Overview

Existing Situation and the Contrast of East & West

Suitability & Potentiality

Projection, Concept & Vision

Proposed Transport Network DP 2041

Proposed Zoning DP 2041

Proposals and Recommendation DP 2041

Proposed General Development Control Regulations DP 2041

Costing,Phasing, Conclusion & Learning Outcome