Kunj Dharmendrakumar Belani


Development Plan Studio : Ahmedabad

The development plan studio-spring 2021, aimed at exploring planning tools and applying them to the city of Ahmedabad. Urban planning process is a complex mechanism and needs lateral and technical understanding at various levels, the process was divided into iterative and layer by layer the studio has given exercises to move forward into the planning process. The portfolio encompasses the learning and exertion towards preparing and proposing a Development Plan for the city of Ahmedabad for the horizon year 2041. The studio is proposing a development plan for the AUDA region in group of four.

Report Content

Understanding the City Context

Area, Connectivity & Housing Analysis

Market Rates & Transect Study

Suitability & Potentiality

Addition and Proposed Planning area & Population Projection

Vision for the Development

Proposed Roads & Blue Green Network

Zoning Layers & Regulations

Realization of Development Plan 2041

Reflections & Key Learnings