Sourabh Anand


Holistic & Compact Ahmedabad

A development plan is a framework that details the overall strategy of the planning authority for the proper planning and sustainable development of an area. The plan usually includes the broad aims of the authority for specific sectors, e.g. housing, infrastructure and helps to achieve the concept. The studio was conducted in two parts. The first part was about understanding the statutory framework of the development plan, knowing about the proposals of the development plan and finding the mismatch on the ground level. A transect study was conducted to analyses variation in the character along the transect in terms of zoning, land use, built density, built typology and property prices. The second part was about drafting the development plan which was again subdivided into four iterative processes. It started with an existing situation analysis to the road network and zoning in 2 nd iteration and then covered proposals, costing, revenue and phasing in the 3rd and 4th iteration simultaneously. We have understood the fundamentals to develop a network of road, about the principles and various ways of zoning, about the various regulations, revenue sources, costing and implementation. 

Report Content

Understanding DP of Ahmedabad 2021

Existing situation analysis

Analyze the potentials in and around AUDA and delineate its boundary

Weaving robust transport network

Shaping character of city through zoning

Proposal of robust infrastructure and strategies of service delivery

Development control regulations

Individual proposals

Finance and Implementation

Learning outcomes