Soumya Pathak


In Preparation of Becoming Global Economy

The Development Plan studio gave three sites and I had the opportunity to work on Ahmedabad, the largest and the fastest growing of the three. Initially it seemed difficult to assess the site as it is the seventh largest city in the country and several planning schemes have already been implemented in the city. The city does well in providing infrastructure, livelihood, housing and transport facilities to most of its population. It has a locational advantage due to its close proximity to GUDA and other GIDCs and SIRs. It is already a well-planned, liveable city. The larger aim now is to attract investments and make the city a global economy. The city’s economy has shown tremendous spike in the past few decades and to further fuel it is the new challenge.

Report Content

Understanding a Master Plan: Patna 2031 (Ex1)

Existing Situation Analysis: Ahmedabad

Past Planning Efforts: Ahmedabad

Planning Approach: Ahmedabad 2041

Development Plan: Ahmedabad 2041

Zoning: Ahmedabad 2041

Road Network: Ahmedabad 2041

Development Regulations: Ahmedabad 2041

Special Proposal: Conservation of Walled City

Revenue, Costing and Phasing, Implementation: Ahmedabad 2041