Ruchi Bharadwaj


Paving way for next 50 years : Ahmedabad DP 2041

Development Potential of an area is gauged by the parameters of existing development, road network, infrastructure coverage, market land value, density & ecology. 
Development Plan not only acts as an instrument for planning an urban area but also helps in paving possibilities for its further growth and integrate key sectors.The development plan of Ahmedabad 2041 visualizes the city as a comprehensive region by 2070, a holistic destination, robust regional connectivity node attracting high investments in the surrounding industrial centres. The city’s internal shift to a tertiary economy would attract more population to a livable, sustainable, and affordable city and efficient transit system. A vision for regional connect is important in the futuristic development of a city, hence, the requirement of looking at growth beyond planning boundaries and connecting the dots.

Report Content

City Context

Delayering the City

Strengths - Issues - Opportunities

Vision & Planning Approach

Strengthening Compactness and Connectivity

Proposed Zoning

Ecologically Sensitive Planning

Implementation Tools & Approaches

Master Plan for Delhi (2021) - A case study

Reflections and Key Learnings