Patil Neha Harishachandra


The Ahmedabad Plan 2041- Way to Future

This portfolio is compilation of work done as part of the Development Plan Studio (Spring, 2021). The primary objective of the DP Studio was to develop core competencies necessary to formulate a development plan. The semester was divided in four iterations, building up understanding of development plan gradually. The stages include: Analyzing Existing Situation, Conceptual Proposals, Zoning, preparation of detailed Development Plan, with Cost Estimates. One of the major challenges faced were site visits which were restricted due to pandemic situation, the vastness of the city and the time constraints. The exercise involved group of 15 students analyzing urban areas of Ahmedabad, further group of five to detail out Development Plan separately. Individual proposals were too incorporated in the plan. The portfolio begins with existing situation analysis followed by provisions under DP2041. Towards the end, there is Exercise 1 presented which aimed at warming up students towards the Development Plan preparations for Ahmedabad city. 

Report Content

Existing Situation Analysis of Ahmedabad

Land Potentiality and Projections

Concept And Vision


Road Network and Transportation

Incentive Based Zoning

Development Control Regulations

Proposals and Costing

Exercise 1

Key Learnings